photoManual Harvest:

Only grapes which have reached optimal ripeness are harvested. The decision to harvest this or that part of the vines is made after tasting the berries.

The grapes are brought to the chai in small crates, and then, after separation of the berries from the stems, are manually sorted, in order to remove those that are not perfect! The berries are then conveyed to the vat via a peristaltic pump (a device which respects the grapes).

The berries are not crushed (so they do not burst in the press): the first run juice will appear in the vats, and not before, in order to avoid oxidation.


Each vat is fitted with a temperature regulation system, allowing us to fully control the fermentation temperatures. The vinification takes place in vats, following the traditional method used in Bordeaux area. The duration of soaking is measured there and pumping over is done manually, every eight hours, so as to get a perfect extraction of aromas, tannins and phenolic mixtures.


for a duration...that is changing every year, depending on the characteristics of each vintage! (the duration is 12 to 24 months, depending on the vintage). The decision to complete the elevage in casks is always made, after tasting.

photoAdditional details:

The malolactic fermentation is done in barrels, followed by the batonnage (lees stirring) in order to keep the thin lees in suspension, as long as it is of great benefit to the wine.

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