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Château Beauséjour

Press Review

Excerpts from press and Internet articles relating to Château Beauséjour…

Shipments to Europe

Château Beauséjour is now able to deliver wines to several European countries...

The people

photo The owners: Pierre BERNAULT and Children,

he used to work as a network engineer for the CEA (Commissionership to the Atomic Energy in France) and then, at Microsoft France. Enthusiastic for the world of wine, he attended classes on viticulture and oenology at the CFPPA (Professional Training and Agricultural Promotion Center) at Beaune in Bourgogne, and decided to set off on this adventure and make a dream come true. In 2004, he bought Château Beauséjour and settled there with his family. His goal: to rebuild the reputation of the Beauséjour vineyard, situated on the finest terroir of Montagne Saint Émilion, and produce there one of the greatest wines of the region.

The consultant: Stéphane DERENONCOURT,

is today one of the most sought-after wine consultants. His web site:

photo When Stéphane came for the first time to walk among the vines at Château Beauséjour, to "feel" them and estimate their potential, he was immediately attracted by the outstanding character of the terroir and by the numerous vines that were more than 100 years old and in perfect condition. He still had not left the vineyard when he gave his agreement to Pierre Bernault to become the wine consultant to Château Beauséjour! His first harvest with him, the 2005 vintage, proves that this outstanding terroir can produce an outstanding wine!

Stéphane, who knows the estate by heart, works very regularly at Beauséjour, and is notably involved in all the key stages of the vine-growing and winemaking cycle. He is always accompanied by...

The assistant: Simon BLANCHARD,

who makes sure, almost daily, that the tasks related to the soil, the vines and the chai comply with Stéphane's guidelines: the selection, the rigour, the enthusiasm, protection of the environment, the constant improvement of the soil, the vines and the chai, in full respect of nature... and of wine!