Postage costs calculation<\/div><\/div>

Delivery areas<\/h3>\n

Postage costs are calculated depending on the geographical area of delivery. These are the five geographic areas and the corresponding amount of the contribution towards postage costs for 12 bottles<\/strong>:<\/p>\n
1<\/td>\n*<\/td>\nMetropolitan France (excluding Corsica)<\/td>\n<\/tr>
2<\/td>\n25 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nBelgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland)<\/td>\n<\/tr>
3<\/td>\n26 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nAustria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Spain, Vatican<\/td>\n<\/tr>
4<\/td>\n31 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nDenmark, Finland, Portugal<\/td>\n<\/tr>
5<\/td>\n34 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nCzech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Irelande, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia<\/td>\n<\/tr>
7<\/td>\n50 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nCyprus, Norway, Turkey<\/td>\n<\/tr>
8<\/td>\n147 \u20ac incl.VAT<\/td>\nAndorra, Azores, Baleares, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Greek Islands, Madeira, Malta, Melilla, Sardinia, Sicily<\/td>\n<\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

*: sliding-scale pricing \u2013 details in the following chapter.<\/em><\/p>\n

For more details on how these geographic areas are distributed, you can click on the map below<\/p>\n

\"Delivery<\/a>Postage costs for Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica)<\/h3>\n
Fixed price (depending on the shipping address): <\/strong><\/div>\n